@lplive I still rememer driving 1200km in total that day to catch that show last minute.

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We’re Here With You (Remixes) (2012)


  1. Flashpoint Riot (Neon Stereo Remix) 5:29
  2. Breakfast In Berlin (Sharooz Remix) 5:26
  3. Nights Of Future Past (Vandal Remix) 7:17
  4. We’re Here With You (Black Asteroid Remix) 5:09
  5. Surrounded By Cowards (Benjamin Vial Remix) 6:42
  6. Cruel Daze Of Summer (Z-Listers Remix) 7:10

Gesamtspielzeit: 37:14

Side Notes

Releasedatum: 13.03.2012
Label: Circuit Freq Records


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