Killing Fields


I hit the ground running
With nowhere to go
The system is blind and flawed
Don’t tell me to let go
There’s a mob at the corner
Can’t they just let the man go?
Like a wild fire it spreads
Wherever the wind blows

Is anyone out there? – Tap on the window
The person with answers has called in a no show
I know of a problem, I’m taking my chances
I’m dancing with ego, caught in the branches
Is anyone out there with the same dream?
The same broken record or so it seems
I’m stuck at the crossroads with no end in sight
And I don’t think that I’ll ever be the same

Born into nothing
I just can’t take anymore
It’s something I can’t explain
I just want more
For blood or for money
So far from home
Did God grow tired of us?
I just have to know

In the killing fields where no dreams grow
In the killing fields where dreams grow cold

In the killing fields