“Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun of yours?”

[Sample from Sopranos]
“It’s me.”
“I called you half a fuckin’ hour ago.”
“Yeah, Adrianna put my keys where I couldn’t find em…”
“Go to the drug store, get two pairs of surgical gloves, some bleach, come to our friend’s house… the contractor.”

“Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun of yours?”

Yo! Swing the sword for the classic year
Bring the noise with your hands up, slash and tear
Who can, fathom asthma, dash for air
Spittin’ on the baby bib in the plastic chair
What’s up stupid? (Shoot this)
One-five-one in the shot glass (Hot flash)
Bangin’ on the drum (uh!)
We cause havoc down in Las Vegas
Paper trails racing Pelican briefcases
We outrageous, name the streets gave us
Yeah, we got fame, but now we heat blazers
I let ’em all fly, ten in the clip, one in the chamber
Thumbs up! Another banger
Untuck the flamer, dumbfuck
It’s like gettin’ hit with a dumptruck
Brains and guts
Maim, cut, aim, duck, same stuff
Get you cracked up like cocaine, heat ’em up
Ok, I’ll let the suckas fly once
Face down, found him in his Captain Crunch
Uh, malpractice, a bang-all jam
I joust rappers and track in the radar scans
Flip beats for the crew like fleets and platoons
Reach for the moon like Reese Witherspoon (uh!)
Don’t stop the sure-shot, the rooftop anthem
Blast the gold box, cock back the cannon
What’s up partna’, I got ya (what, what)
Hope that (*pop, pop*) crack the pinata
Slap, box, mouth of backwash

Teeth mashed up on the asphalt, ya dig?
Set the pace like a mustang mashin’
Up the stakes, who wanna cut the cake, I take cash
Dropped on a blood-stained mattress
Stop! You ain’t got access…watch
I’ma change my accent, Ryu and Tak
You little cunts in the game, you can suck my cock
And lay flat on the ground, don’t make a peep
If you want the stains out now, get the bleach!

Guess who got the rubber gloves and the bleach?
Guess who rockin every club, that’s me!
Get so hot, you feel the buzz in the street
Keeping it knockin’, drop drop that beat!

Guess who got the group name on top?
S.O.B. got the rap thang locked!
Who, what, what, when, why or what not?
You got messed up Ryu and Tak!

Yeah here it comes, all you hear is the click
Blow your brains on a sandwhich like Miracle Whip
While the blood keeps gushin’
Relish and pink mustard
Huh! I’ma slam till I tear it to bits
Till the bell for the recess rang
On the defense game
You feeling grilled like P.F. Changs
Hopscotch on the corpse, till I drop the torch
And burn crews for their views that I rock with force…

Don’t stop the sure-shot, the rooftop anthem
Blast the gold box, cock back the cannon
What’s up y’all, we don’t stall
Come one, come all till we drop the ball like

Get the bleach!