Wastelands – Lyricvideo

1. Juni 2014

Nachdem „Wastelands“ gestern quasi von der Band persönlich „geleaked“ wurde, wurde jetzt das offizielle Lyric Video zum Song gepostet und das ganze könnt ihr euch hier angucken:

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Hier für euch auch noch die Lyrics zum Nachlesen:

This is war with no weapons
Marching with no stepping
Murder with no killing
Illin’ every direction
First / no sequel
Do the math / no equal
John with no Yoko:
More power less people
And no I’m not afraid of that
Print it in your paperback
Every rap is made in fact to act as a delayed attack
Every phrase a razor blade that’s saved until they play it back
To slay and leave ’em laying on the pavement
Fade to black


In the wastelands of today
Where there’s nothing left to lose
And there’s nothing more to take
But you force yourself to choose
In the wastelands of today
Where tomorrow disappears
While the future slips away
And your hope turns into fear
In the wastelands of today


Roll credits you get it the show’s done
They’re talking for just talking but meaning, they got none
None of ’em come proper they talk like a shotgun but
How many got bred with integrity / not one / so no
I’m not afraid to see you suckers hold a blade to me
Ain’t a way to shake the ground I built before you came to be
Take it how you take it / I’m the opposite of vacancy
And this is not negotiation ya’ll can hate and wait and see